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eCommerce Web Design

You might not be familiar with Web Stories yet, but it definitely deserves a mention here. This storytelling format makes it possible to tell your story in a very visual way and it’s even possible to rank with a Web Story on it’s own. This means that this type of storytelling can be very beneficial for your SEO. It’s user-friendly, which means that it’s easy to add a Web Story to your site or page. Most importantly, you’ll readers will love it because it looks awesome!

Web stories are a swipeable, rich visual storytelling format for use on mobile devices. Web Stories offer a fullscreen experience that can incorporate every type of content imaginable. In contrast to closed formats like Instagram Stories, Web Stories are open and freely distributable. You can make and publish them on your own site. You own your stories.

What’s more, Web Stories get their own place in the Google search results — right at the top. And that’s not all, because stories can also appear on Google Images, Discover, and the Google app. All very prominently.

Web Stories give you much more control over what you publish and how you do that. You are free to determine the format, where you publish it, and how long you want a story to ‘live’. These stories are lightning-fast, offering you a quick and easy-to-digest type of content.

Keep in mind that, while Web Stories are intended for use on mobile devices, every story automatically also gets a simple desktop viewer. This means that your mobile content is truly available for everyone.