Google Advertising

Amazing Results. Positive ROI

Empowering various businesses to achieve better results through affordable and quality digital marketing so they can grow faster.

Google Certified Professionals

We hire professionals that are Google Certified and has hands-on experience managing Google Ads for our clients

Direct Relation with Google Reps

Google calls us five times a day. Direct relation with Google Representatives, means faster support, updates are known well in advance. In short, we have an upper hand in the market.

We Provide Easy to Understand Reports

We do not complex things. Clear reports, on how many people saw your ads, clicked, bought and what was the Return on investment.

Affordable Google Ads

Plans start from as low as $100 +gst a month. Unlimited Keywords, unlimited ads.

More Conversions

We are experts in Google Ads. We live Google Ads day and night, we bring results faster.

Local Support

We are based in Auckland. Your queries can be addressed faster and efficiently.

5+ Years Experience

All these hard yards, we managed to get the best results for our clients.

Google Ads Credit

$100 Google Ads Credit for all new accounts. Start getting leads and sales with Google advertising.

Constant Training

Google Algorithm is changing very fast. We study and stay up to date to get you on top of your game.

Case Studies - GOOGLE ADS

SEO-NZ case studies

1413% Increase in Traffic

L&L collaborated with us in Feb 2021. In just three months they are experiencing a heavy boost in their organic website traffic and nearly quadrupled their number of qualified leads and still growing.

SEO NZ best results

314% Increase in Traffic

ORB360 is an established financial advisory firm in AUckland. Only three gievn keywords they were able to increase organic traffic by three folds.

116% Increase in Traffic

PORSE is an in-home childcare service provider. They required an increase in their national search presence. The keywords in their industry are highly competitive, and we managed to get them the boost they wanted.

Our Promise

We promise to get you relevant traffic at a lower cost. We are managing Google Advertising for SME's for 5 years and all of our clients had major revenue increase after hiring us. We have uploaded some case studies above. Our passion for Google advertising can be seen in our client's reports, all of them show clear signs of our expertise and understanding of Google Ads.

We are a young, dynamic, and social team that loves Google advertising, and are passionate about everything Google and Facebook have to offer. It's been five years when we first started from our backyard, and now we are a team of professional Google experts. We have hired young talented experts (Google Certified) who are engaged in the latest market trends. They bring in new ideas and new channels to the table and help discover new audience segments for our clients.

  • We guarantee to deliver results when we promise

  • A transparent, open, and honest approach

  • Add Value to your business

  • Listening and providing results that matter to you

  • Giving our best to continue growing and consistent learning

  • Accurate and dynamic reporting

  • Checklist and progress sharing with our clients

Google Text Ads

  • Unlimited keywords

  • High relevant keywords, ad text and landing pages

  • High Quality Score

  • Spend less and get more converions

Florist sells with Google Ads

Google Display Ads

  • Present Google image ads to audiences who are interested in your products/services

  • We create high impact image ads in 13 different sizes for all screens

  • Show Google image ads to people that visits your competitor's websites

Man looking at his website design on a Mobile Device

Remarketing Ads

  • Display Ads to the next level

  • Present Google ads in 13 sizes to your website visitors

  • High conversion rate

Girl is buying on Facebook Marketing

Cross Platform Ads

  • Present Google ads to your Facebook audience when they Visit websites like Trademe and NZHerald

  • Target people wherever and whenever they are ready to buy

Video Ads

  • Display your products or service to potential buyers in Video format across Youtube

  • Youtube is the second most search engine after Google Search

  • Detailed Audience Segments

  • We create videos

Google Shopping

  • Present products with their price, ability to sell on Google Search

  • Custom feeds based on categories and collections

  • Target Audience and show them the products they left in the basket

  • Scheduled sales on Google Search

How to get Google Ads Discount?

Every new client will get $100 ad credit discount when you spend $75 with us. To claim your discount simply fill the form and we will start your ads and credit you $100 after you spend $75. Don't miss on this discount apply now.

Why should one hire us for Google Advertising?

Google ads formerly known as Google Adwords is a tricky beast to tame. If you do not have an agency account with Google will force you to create smart campaigns. These smart campaigns do not give any control over the keywords, ads, and search terms.

When you have a Google Ads Agency working on your side:

  • We save you money by only presenting ads to the most targeted audience

  • We carefully select the keywords you advise that are in line with your business

  • We create audiences that are looking for similar services and products you offer and target them

  • We market your services and products to people who are visiting your competitor's website. This technique is very successful as your competitor spends money on finding the audience and you (our client) gets the perfect set of Audience without spending much.

  • We do not automate things, as AI is still in its early learning stages. We rather prefer manually create and optimise Google Ads. To avoid not benefiting from Google AI, We do test it with a fraction of the budget and measure its conversions with manual Google Ads. But, more often we have to stop smart campaigns and 100% serve manual ads.

What is the cost of Google Advertising?

Google Ads cost is complicated by some agencies. WNB (we) have a straightforward Google Ads pricing structure. $300 to create the perfect structure and $150 to optimise. Contact us on 0800 35 22 53 or email us your website address and your email, we will reply to you with the exact scope of structure, time, and cost required to get a positive return on investment.

Is there an alternative to Google Ads?

Seriously? why are we discussing this. We need to answer the top questions asked by our clients. Businesses are always looking for alternate markets and platforms. But there is no alternative to Google Ads.


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