Case Study - SEO

Client: Bionic Bikes

Client: Bionic Bikes is Auckland based electric bike retail shop. Proudly Kiwi-owned and operated. Their bikes are designed right here in New Zealand. They have competitors which shell out a lot of money in online advertising and beating them meant Bionic Bikes to spend the equivalent. They contacted us to improve their organic presence. We strategically looked at the target audience and the keyword list and managed to get them on the first page of Google in just three months. Below is an outline of how we managed to do it and a brief understanding of what businesses should expect when they hire us.

Service Provided: SEO & Website Redesign

SEO Challenge: Big players in the market creating a high competition level. Too many keyword variations used by searchers.

Result: The majority of the shortlisted keywords are showing progress in just three months, and still showing progress even after a year now.

The Problem: Errors on website which made them impossible to be found among their competitors rankings

When “Bionic Bikes” came on board we did a preliminary check of the website and found critical errors and important fixes.

Website Audit Report

Initial Findings

18 Critical Errors, and

481 semi-important fixes

Which resulted in poor speed and bad performance

Competitor Analysis

We put the client among 5 competitors, and they failed to show in the first 20 results for the keyword “electric bikes”.

Some of their competitors were pretty new and they were showing up on Google. Being in business for more than 5 years, our client urged urgent attention.

What we did: Fixed all the errors and Important technical fixes which improved the website speed

Fixed Errors: Speed increased from 13 to 59

Google has changed the way they analyze every website to be “MOBILE FIRST INDEXING”. Websites that load fast and are mobile optimized will be ranked higher than those which are not. This has become a pain for some and gain for some. If you hire an SEO agency that speeds up a website on a mobile device, you stand a strong chance to show higher in Google Page Rank.

Technical SEO

The major on-site errors we have seen all these years are related to Titles, Meta Tags, Image Tagging. 404’s and Page Speed errors. It is important to clear all the errors in order to rank the website higher.

We cleared all the errors which “Electric Bikes” had on their website. Created converting landing pages for them with new and relevant content.

Keyword Analysis

We supplied the client with a list of keywords (related to their business), that people are searching for. Bionic Bikes shortlisted 20 keywords that were tieing up with their business goals and targeted audience.

Content Strategy

It is vital that content for SEO has to be according to Google’s guidelines. We call it a “strategy” because there are three aspects of writing content that is loved by Google, and they rank it fast on their search pages.

  1. What are people searching for in Google?

  2. Marry that information with the shortlisted keywords

  3. Write for conversions

This becomes a winning strategy for most of our clients. It is very important to write what people will love to read because “Visitor’s Time on Page” is a key ranking factor in 2020.

Link Buiding

This task has to be done correctly. There is no way back if penalized by Google. It is like having a red card if the whistle is blown. Creating backlinks to the website needs quality content creation, reaching to professionals who link your competitors.

We required more than 44 in order to get “ELECTRIC BIKES” discovered by Google. We created 73 to make the result, future proof.

Result: The magic happened in just three months

The majority of the shortlisted keywords wre showing progress in just three months.

It was amazing to see the Bionic Bikes website, visitors spike. From nowhere found until August to 166 visitors in September 2020. The client was not able to believe his eyes when he saw the hockey stick effect. “Electric Bike” being a high-value item, 166 visitors to his website makes a massive difference to his business.

The rankings are still showing progress to date (today is the 28th of May 2021). It's been more than a year and we are so glad that Bionic Bikes are getting leads and selling bikes with our expertise. This feeling of helping other businesses is our drive to help more businesses.

Affordable SEO NZ

Plans start from as low as $250 +gst a month. Guaranteed results.

Faster Organic Results

We are experts in SEO NZ. We do SEO day and night, we will bring faster results.

Stay on Top for Longer

Google's first page results are achieved and maintained better with WNB.

Other Success Stories - SEO

SEO-NZ case studies

1413% Increase in Traffic

L&L collaborated with us in Feb 2021. In just three months they are experiencing a heavy boost in their organic website traffic and nearly quadrupled their number of qualified leads and still growing.

SEO NZ best results

314% Increase in Traffic

ORB360 is an established financial advisory firm in Auckland. With only three keywords, Cheap SEO experts were able to increase ORB360's organic traffic by three folds.

116% Increase in Traffic

PORSE is a well-known established firm in "in-home childcare services". They required an increase in their national search presence. The keywords for their industry are highly competitive, and we managed to get them the boost they required.

694% Increase in Traffic

Blackhawk Gazebo is well-known brand when it comes to gazebo in New Zealand. With some big players in the market, it was not easy for us to tackle the way through to the first page of Google, for Blackhawk Gazebos. The third month showed a whopping increase of 694% in organic traffic.

253% Increase in Traffic

Life Secure NZ is battling with the big guns in the industry with keywords like first home buyers, first home, mortgage calculators, etc. Cheap SEO managed to get them a decent boost in traffic for the right type of traffic which brought new clients on board. Not to forget, they also brought two new services on the table after the boost in Free Traffic.

Our Promise

We promise you will get the best value for your money. We have proven mastery in getting our clients on the first page of Google even for high competition keywords like "Mortgage Brokers". We have working experience with NZ Businesses of various niches from a one-man band to enterprise-level businesses. We follow stringent processes which is our secret to success.

We are a young, dynamic, and social team that loves our work, and are passionate about everything Google and Facebook have to offer. It's been five years when we first started from our backyard, and now we are a team of professional Google experts. We have hired young talented experts (Google Certified) who are engaged in the latest market trends. They bring in new ideas and new channels to the table and help discover new audience segments for our clients.

  • We guarantee to deliver results when we promise

  • A transparent, open, and honest approach

  • Add Value to your business

  • Listening and providing results that matter to you

  • Giving our best to continue growing and consistent learning

  • Accurate and dynamic reporting

  • Checklist and progress sharing with our clients

1031% Increase in Traffic

Bens Movers started new when they contacted us. New websites require more time to get on the other side of the fence, but cheap SEO experts helped Bens Piano to secure more leads when they wanted the most. They are still receiving steady inquiries, even after three years now.

57% Increase in Traffic

Not a very big jump in traffic, but cheap SEO managed to get Rayland Motel's ball rolling. The biggest challenge and obstacle was they wanted to increase their web presence for the French site and attract more leads from France.

1413% Increase in Traffic

Ellipse Medi Spa offers medical spa and treatments for skin, muscle, and relaxation therapies. Before Ellipse contracted cheap SEO they were struggling to be found on the 4th page. WNB's cheap SEO experts helped Ellipse to rank in Google's Page No.1 within a short time.

Why are we doing SEO, cheaper than others?

SEO is overrated in New Zealand. If proper techniques are used, results can be achieved very fast and with minimal effort. We are doing SEO day and night, we have the expertise and know-how of what works. Hence we only charge our clients for the work involved.

There are some industries where we can not do SEO for a very cheap price, like Mortgage Industry. Mortgage Industry SEO demands long and hard yards. So we do charge them accordingly, but in saying that we still do cheap SEO for them.

On the other hand, if there is a painter in West Auckland. We can create pages with a specifically targeted URL structure that will be picked up by Google in no time and shown on the first page. So we only charge the West Auckland painter for our time. In short, it boils down to how much work is involved and what keywords one selects.

When Does SEO, becomes really expensive?

SEO becomes really expensive when businesses get the penalty for hiring the wrong SEO Company. If by any means the optimiser does not comply with practices laid by Google, they will blacklist the domain. That becomes very expensive to any business, not to show up in Google.

There are tasks that are absolutely a no-no by Google, Some companies use those practices to get fast ranking and ultimately caught by Google. Google suspends the domain name from their searches. Those black hat SEO techniques do include, keyword saturation, link monetisation techniques, URL redirects, link farming, etc.

We take extra precautions and stay away from the shortcuts and rather do legitimate work which is loved by Google.

Where to Start?

With so many factors, price points, and timelines, it is hard to decide where to start from. Shortlist small, medium, and big agencies and get quotes from them. Compare apples by apples to come to a conclusion. Contact us on 0800 35 22 53 or email us your website address and your email, we will reply to you with the exact scope of work, time, and cost required to be on the first page of Google.


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